Hi Samuel,

Thank you for your invaluable feedback and my apologies for taking a little longer than usual to reply. I was considering the adding a short section on SEO Description into the article and I eventually did so as a Bonus Tip.

The section I wrote mainly in response to your query is appended below:


Bonus Tips #11 Medium SEO Description

You have published your article following the tips above and are wondering if there are more SEO actions you can take. The short answer is yes but a more detailed answer may not be appropriate for a beginner’s guide. A compromise solution would be a simple bonus tip that is available on Medium.

But there is work to do…

If you are up to the challenge of writing an excellent “bikini” overview of your article, you can activate one more SEO tool on Medium: SEO Description.

Firstly, write a succinct description of your article with the following guidelines:

Keep it to within 155–160 characters (not words)

Include your main keywords naturally

Use the active voice

The SEO description attracts readers to your article and can improve what is known as the “click-through rate”. An example of the SEO description is given below which starts from “Including 7 characteristics…”.

Image for post

Once done, you click on the 3 bullet-points near your profile image above the article and select “Story settings”, as depicted below:

Image for post

Scroll down to the SEO Description section and copy the succinct overview you have just written into the box provided. Save and you are done.


I hope that answers your question. You can reach me at cytan2016@gmail.com for further discussions.

Have a great and stay safe!



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