Fitness at Home 101: 7 Endorsed Workout Routines in 2020(Health Benefits Guaranteed)

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Fitness at Home

Fitness at home has infiltrated your mind, leaving a pining feeling you could not suppress.

You are spending more time at home since the COVID-19 pandemic. You fear the dreaded virus. You avoid stepping out of the house unnecessarily.

Your habits and routines have been unexpectedly disrupted. The painful effects are felt, including the aches and pains in your body. You know that your body is telling you to exercise. You ponder how to do so easily and effectively without leaving the safety of your home.

You research workout at home for beginners and unearth an astronomical list of suggestions. You struggle with information overload. Your holy grail of easy and effective home workouts seems remote.

I am in the same situation. Spending more time on the computer has taken a toll on my body. Like you, I miss my outdoor activities but the lingering fear of the lurking menace outside is sounding a warning in my head.

I have spent hours of research to handpick a set of priceless home exercise routines with targeted benefits. Let me share some of the noteworthy findings with you.

Beginner Workout at Home Without Equipment

You want exercises that do not require too much space. An area the size of a normal Yoga mat is ideal. Choose your favorite exercise location where you will not be disturbed for your 15–30 minutes daily routine.

You want a set of workouts that are targeted for specific benefits, such as an aerobic workout for heart health, for weight loss, for neck and back pain relief, for better sleep, for women above 50 and kids. The exercise routines should be easy yet effective and safe.

Harvard medical school has identified 4 important types of exercises for a balanced exercise routine:

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Strength training
  • Stretching
  • Balance exercises

From this simple starting point, trying to choose a set of exercises to form your personalized routine can be confusing for a beginner. Some exercises have many variants. You want to know which the best exercises and understand how each exercise complements the others. You are clueless about how to choose a set of workouts to form a holistic routine.

Instead of a massive buffet of exercises for you to mix and match, let’s focus on what you want to achieve. Do you want a body that is the envy of everyone on the beach? Or you want to get rid of the nagging belly fat that is literally intruding into your life?

We pick the following home exercise routines with the more popular targeted benefits to share with you:

  • Home exercises for beginners and seniors
  • Home exercises for kids
  • Home exercises to reduce belly fat
  • Home exercises to lose weight
  • Home exercises for neck and back pain relief
  • Home exercises to help sleep and prevent snoring
  • Home exercises to shape a superstar body

The exercise routines are mainly chosen for their ease of execution and their effectiveness to achieve the required benefits. If you are adventurous and want to venture into choosing your own buffet of exercises, the key noteworthy areas are highlighted in a section just after the 7 recommended exercise routines.

For each of the recommended exercise routines, a video has been chosen. The exercise routines are easy to follow, with effectiveness and safety as secondary considerations.

Let’s dive in.

Home Exercises for Beginners and Seniors

This video is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Clear explanations for each exercise are given with easier options if you find the recommended exercise difficult to follow
  • The routine is effective in toning your body muscles. Don’t under-estimate the exercises just because they are designed for beginners and seniors. The set of 10 exercises are comprehensive for a good work-out.
  • The exercise routine can be completed within 10 minutes which is a good start for a beginner.

Extra Tip: Watch how she breathes in the video as she exercises

Full Body Workout for Beginners

Exercise at Home for Kids

If you have kids at home, this next video is great for the following reasons:

  • A qualified trainer for kids has designed the exercises to be holistic and they cover the 4 important types of exercises mentioned by Harvard medical school.
  • The video is informative and gives a summary write-up of the top tips for each exercise at the end of each work-out, teaching you the key things to look out for.
  • Safety concerns have been factored, like proper warm-ups, hydrating with sufficient water, avoiding injuries, and proper cooling-off exercises.
  • Life examples are illustrated with a boy and a girl working through some of the exercises, demonstrating that the exercises are simple and achievable.

Let’s get the kids involved:

Home Exercises for Kids

Home Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Many of us sitting for long periods have developed belly fat. We want easy and effective ways to get rid of our belly fat. The next video is chosen for the following reasons:

  • Clear explanations are given by the trainer with options for easier or tougher versions of some of the exercises
  • Exercises are easy to follow and proven effective. My neglected muscles that took a beating can attest to it.
  • The exercises are great for fitness with the desired benefit of helping you lose belly fat
  • Video has a reasonable length of 7 minutes with easily digestible content

Here’s the video:-

Home Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Home Exercise to Lose Weight

This next video took me longer to decide. Here are the reasons why this video made the cut:

  • This video showcased over-weight people who were successfully losing weight through the exercises. Other videos showing weight loss routines with slim and fit models just do not make the cut. Like the trainer said: “Real people. Real workouts. Real results”.
  • The video has ample rotations of exercises for a longer 20+ minute session that you can follow along easily.
  • Exercises recommended are low impact, and the video instructions work on the body as well as the mind to help you lose weight.
  • This video is a good compliment to the video above with its longer length and more intense workout for weight loss.

You are raring to lose weight? Ok, let’s go:

Home exercises to lose weight

Home Exercise for Neck and Back Pain Relief

Work from home gives great flexibility on how to plan and use your time. The unfortunate consequence is that you are likely to spend more time sitting down for much longer periods. Neck and back pains are common. Several friends have been bugging me to include some tips on how to alleviate neck and back pains in my blog posts. This is a good place to insert the tips.

The next video is chosen for the following reasons:

  • Easy to relate to the person in the video suffering from neck and back pain due to spending too much time in front of a computer.
  • Straightforward stretching exercises that will bring welcome relief to your neck and back muscles under siege to nagging pains.
  • Informative explanation on how and why the exercises are effective in alleviating the unwelcome agony in those neck and back muscles.
  • I tried out the exercises as your guinea pig. The exercises appeared deceptively simple to follow but I struggled with some of the stretches. Despite bumbling with my lack of body flexibility, I could feel the immediate relief to my chronic neck and back pain.

Let’s knock out those kinks in your neck and back:

Home exercises for neck and back pain relief

Home Exercises to Help Sleep and Prevent Snoring

Working or staying home more frequently brings about another common change in your life. In your eagerness to complete an urgent task, you work late. Repeat that often enough and your sleep routine gets out of whack.

Sleep issues can have serious health problems. No amount of fitness exercises can help you if you have underlying health issues. Fortunately, there are home exercises recommended by qualified physicians that can bring welcome relief to your sleep issues.

Skip the next video if you do not have sleep issues. If you do, follow the simple and effective exercises in the video:

Exercises to alleviate sleep issues

Home Exercises to Shape a Superstar Body

You want a body you can show off on the beach. You want the jubilant adrenaline rush of being a badass. You want to bask in the approving eyes of envious on-lookers.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s an informative video that will show you how:

How to get a body that’ll turn heads

Simple Vs Exotic Home Exercises

If you are feeling adventurous after familiarizing yourself with the exercise routines in the videos, here is a list of 15 exercises you can mix and match to vary your exercise routines:

  • Squat
  • Crunch
  • Lunge
  • Burpee
  • Jumping Jack
  • Variants of Plank exercises
  • Leg raise
  • Variants of push-ups
  • Bicycle
  • Russian Twists
  • Sit-ups
  • Bridge
  • Side-lying Hip Abduction
  • Single leg stands
  • Supine pelvic tilts

Warning: Most of these exercises look deceptively simple. If you are familiar with them and have been taught how to do them properly, go ahead and jazz up your home exercise routines.

If you are not familiar with them, learn them one at a time including the variants, and master the art of executing each safely and effectively. One thing I have learned is never to under-estimate these home exercises for their effectiveness or ease of execution.

In case you still have the misconception that the listed exercises are infantile to master, take a look at the 45 variants of the simple squat.

If simple exercises are so much work, are there exotic exercises that can achieve the same results in a fraction of the time or more effectively? There are countless types of exotic exercises to consider: variants of Yoga, Chinese Qigong, different forms of martial art routines, and tribal dance routines around the world.

My research has dug up some exotic exercise routines which for the most part I would not recommend here, as my firm belief is in the core principles of simplicity, effectiveness, and safety. However, a deceptively simple exercise with an interesting history we can relate to caught my attention.

So here’s one bonus video on the “Best exercise for women over 50!” where the trainer proclaimed is “the number 1 exercise every woman in their 50s should be doing, and if it is the only exercise you do — this is it”:

The best exercise for women over 50

Healthy and Fit Homestay

Work from home has become more widespread after the COVID-19 pandemic. While staying at home diminishes the risk of catching the dreaded virus, the lack of outdoor activities can affect your health and fitness in the long-run.

You discover the world of fitness at home that can supplement your reduced outdoor activities. You realized that the information overload from the internet can be overcome by focusing on experienced trainer-recommended routines. There are 7 routines with targeted benefits presented above.

Start the adrenaline rush at home with one of the recommended routines. You will increase your concentration and productivity. You will feel more confident and alert with a healthy and fit body. You will feel awesome setting up a balanced home routine with beneficial exercises for your body, mind, and spirit.

Begin your healthy and fit homestay with the life-changing exercise routines today.

To your health!

Write content that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to excel, health-conscious people to stay healthy & fit, in a God-centered way.

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