Case-Study: How a 95-Year-Old Woman Is Still Fit Enough to Do Splits

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Doing Splits at 95!

What? Doing splits at 95 years old?

Admit it. You may not be interested in doing splits, but you certainly wish to be healthy and fit at a ripe old age of 95 and beyond.


You have a merciless work schedule and could hardly find time for exercise. You don’t understand how time flies. You want to change your lifeless routine. You are looking for an inspiration to break out into a healthy lifestyle.

Your long-awaited inspiration is here. This news article inspired many:

“Here’s your 2019 fitness inspiration: She’s 95 and is doing the splits

You are intrigued by who she is and how she achieved that. You want to learn invaluable health tips for your own life.

Let’s find out:

C’mon Man, A 95-Year-Old Granny Can Do It!

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Tango Split!

Phyllis Sues was born in New York City on April 4th, 1923. She started her career as a dancer, was married at the age of 30, and move on to dabble in the high fashion sportswear business for 22 years under her label.

By her admittance, keeping healthy and fit in her old age was tough. It was a constant uphill battle as her body began to fall apart. Phyllis had her fair share of health issues:

  • rotator cuff problems in one shoulder,
  • a ruptured bicep,
  • a torn meniscus in the knee, and
  • neuropathy in her feet.

However, Phyllis never let her age or health issues factor into the things she wanted to do. In December 2018, the Los Angeles Times published an article with a photo of her doing a perfect split.

It went viral.

Doing the split was not the only amazing feat Phyllis did. Her resolve to enjoy life to its fullest produced a stunning list of achievements from the age of 50:

  • She launched a new business at 50
  • She learned trapeze flying at the 75
  • She mastered challenging hatha yoga handstands at the age of 85
  • She picked up tango shortly after
  • She capped it by jumping off a plane at 90 with her skydiving instructor

Well on her way to being a centenarian, Phyllis was an inspiration to health-conscious people who desire to be healthy, fit, and slim.

Yes, Phyllis was slim as well. She never weighed more than 100 pounds and she could eat whatever she wanted.

Wow, you yearn to know her smart secrets of keeping fit and slim.

Let’s learn her secrets:

Her 2-Word Secret To Fitness

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Here’s my secret

You lament the challenges in life. So did Phyllis, and she came a long way to be where she was at 95.

She knew that being sedentary was terrible, as that meant a slow painful journey into oblivion. That was not the way she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Phyllis managed to psyche herself to be so driven that nothing could hold her back. She gained the wisdom to face her life challenges with a simple philosophy:

Move. Listen. Learn.

She responded to challenges in life by acquiring new skills and knowledge constantly. She demonstrated her resolve by taking up challenges people half her age might walk away from:- flying trapeze, skydiving, splits, and hatha yoga peacock pose.

Phyllis had a bucket list. She wanted to live life to its fullest and created a list of things she wanted to do before she “kicks the bucket”.

You should create your bucket list too.

Take some quiet moments and list down all the things you desire to do while alive. Mull through and prioritize them carefully, putting right at the top the ones you absolutely want to do but has been procrastinating.

Once you are happy with your list, it’s time to follow her secret 2-word advice:

Just Move!

You Can Be Better Than Her at 95

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Can I be better than her?

Do you think Phyllis’s accomplishments are tough to follow?

Not for these superfit and active 70-year-olds as reported in the newspapers such as Dailymail and South China Morning Post:

  • Lee Janogly, 77, reportedly led eight fitness classes a week including one-to-one dance-led personal training
  • Eddy Diget, 73, from Oxford, had practiced Chinese martial arts for 53 years and weight-trained for 35 years. At 73, he was still teaching 51 hours a week at DW Fitness in Milton Keynes
  • Liang Huguo, 72, from Yunnan, only started running at 70. At age 72, Liang had already run in 23 marathons

There are many more inspiration examples in the newspaper archives. All these exemplary folks confirm that you can lead a healthy and fit life well into your 70s and beyond.

What if I tell you that you should not be happy with just being as fit, healthy, and slim as Phyllis when you are 95.


You should be better than her. You have learned her secrets, and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot be better than her at 95.

It is entirely possible to live to a ripe old age, accordingly to research by renowned institutions.

Stanford researchers made an enthralling observation in 2018:

Life expectancy data from the past 50 years shows that people who survive to age 65 are continuing to live longer than their parents — a trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

It gets better. WebMD Health News announces that 100 is the new 80 and that:

Half the children born in the U.S. in 2000 could live to be 103 years old, projections say.

Even the conservative World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges that people worldwide are living longer.

If you’re thinking living longer does not equate to living well. You are absolutely right. And WHO agrees with you. Health is not a given and you need to invest time and effort in your fitness and health.

Health Hacks For Gracing Aging

To age gracefully, quality sleep at night is indispensable. Your body heals itself while you sleep and good quality sleep is important for

  • brain functioning,
  • emotional wellbeing,
  • physical health,
  • daytime performance, and
  • personal safety.

If you have trouble sleeping, I got you covered. Pick up my “ 27 Tips to Sleeping Better at Night” and start each day fresh and energized.

We have planned several more health hacks articles for you such as:

  • 7 Anti-Aging Tips That Are Proven And Natural
  • Health and Fitness 101: 7 Science-backed Health Hacks (Just 20 Minutes Daily)

With such an impressive arsenal of health and fitness hacks, go overtake granny Phyllis!

Be healthier and fitter than her at 95!

The Science of Aging Gracefully

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Aging Gracefully

You wish you were healthier and fitter.

You envy the older folks showing off their well-built bodies oozing with strength and vitality.

You wish you could be as fit as them when you reach their age.

You can.

Phyllis has given you her secret formula: Just move.

Adopt her secret formula, follow the tips above and get started. Not next week, not tomorrow. But today.

You have time on your side. Make full use of it. The sooner you start, the sooner you reap the health benefits.

As you reap the rewards of your efforts, you will be happy and proud of yourself. You will relish at younger folks being envious of you as the epitome of fitness and health.

But more importantly…

You will enjoy life and age gracefully.

Write content that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to excel, health-conscious people to stay healthy & fit, in a God-centered way.

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