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You have a challenging past year in 2020. You want to forget the unhappiness and dread of 2020. You are looking forward to a new year of hope, and wishing for God’s blessings and joy.

God wants to give you the blessings and joys. A powerful prayer has been prepared for you to ask God for His grace, mercy, and a new start in 2021. Pray together with your loved ones for doors to be opened to God’s blessings in 2021.

But first, let’s share God’s blessings for the new year:

God’s Blessings For The New Year

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You wonder if God is listening to your prayers. You wonder if God’s promises in the bible are meant for you. You wonder if God cares for you.

You have doubts, and it’s perfectly normal as we live in an imperfect and sinful world that tries to drown us in doubts, worries, and concerns. Even the righteous Abraham and Sarah had doubts, despite God promising them directly that they would have a child.

Abraham or Sarah just could not believe that biologically they could be parents to a child at the age of 100 and 90 years old respectively. They want to believe God’s promise and Sarah second-guess God’s intentions by taking the matter into her own hands:- she followed the practice of her times by giving her maidservant, Hagar, to Abraham as a surrogate for a child. …

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You are worried about your livelihood. You are worried about the ravaging coronavirus that is spreading like wildfire. You are worried about how to carry on with life.

You look to God and wonder if He is listening to your prayers. You wonder if He is aware of your pains and suffering.

We can catch a glimpse of God’s message to us through His words in the Bible. The Bible’s fairly clear on the kinds of provisions God provides.

You might be disappointed if you treat God as a wishing tree and wish for the world’s treasures. …

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You are close to despair handling the many crises in 2020. You don’t understand how your world can become so bleak all of a sudden this year.

You are worried about your health, and the safety of your loved ones. You are worried about making ends meet with the economic fallout from the pandemic. You are worried about drowning in the flood of incessant problems raging at you.

You wonder where God is and whether He is listening to Your fervent and desperate prayers for help.

God left many messages for us in the Holy Bible. Jesus has also left us with the Holy Spirit to guide us after His Ascension. …

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Our tongue is the most powerful weapon in our body with the power to nourish our soul and spirit.

“With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. James 3: 9–1

Let’s use this powerful weapon in our body in this declaration of faith, blessings and grace for ourselves, our loved ones and friends:

I DECLARE that blessings are coming my way with God opening up supernatural doors for me.

I DECLARE God’s promise for me in Ephesians 3:20, where

“… all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” …

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I DECLARE that my faith in God is strengthening each and every day of my life.

I DECLARE my life to be marked by Divine excellence and integrity, to empower me in making the right choices and taking steps of faith.

I DECLARE that God’s abundance is surrounding my life today.

I DECLARE that I accept God’s great plan for my life and in directing my steps. I know He will work out every detail to my advantage and in His perfect timing, everything will turn out fine for me.

I DECLARE that God’s perfect plan for my life is coming to pass. I have faith that God has solutions to every problem that I will ever face already lined up. I believe that the right people and the right breaks are coming in my future. …

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Let’s invoke God’s blessings and Grace into your life through the declaration of your faith:-

I DECLARE that I will experience God’s faithfulness.

I DECLARE that I will not worry and I will not doubt.

I DECLARE that I will keep my trust in him, knowing that he will not fail me.

I DECLARE that I will become everything God created me to be, and give birth to every promise God put in my heart.

I DECLARE God’s incredible blessings and goodness over my life, enabling me to experience the surpassing greatness of God’s favor that will bring explosive blessings my way. …

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Guardian Angel

You crave protection against the COVID-19 pandemic raging around you. You crave protection against the economic uncertainties that might affect you. You crave protection against a society unhinged with rising crimes and unrest.

You know deep inside that you are in the midst of a fierce spiritual battle. You may not see it, but you know that the enemy is filling up your minds with discouragement and defeat. God is reminding you in His word to stay aware of Satan’s schemes, to live alert in this world, and to stay close to Him.

God gives specific instructions in his Word, that through faith we can stand strong in this life and have victory over the battlefields of our mind, heart, and soul. We often forget to claim God’s grace and rush through life ill-equipped, unprepared, or simply not aware of what we’re up against, or who the real enemy even is. …

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You work hard. You take your health seriously with diet, exercise, and supplements. You want to live a long and healthy life.


There is this nagging fear about the unknown, like

  • whether your body can weather deadly viruses like the coronavirus if you are infected
  • whether you’ll end up living a long life laden with illnesses and shackled to a hospital bed
  • whether you’ll need expensive medical care and precautions that will drain you financially, mentally, and spiritually with a longer life

You envy the gracefully aging folks like how a 95-year-old woman was fit enough to do splits as reported in the Los Angeles Times; or the 120-year-old healthy Varanasi monk that was reported in the Hindustan Times. …

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You lament your slavery to circumstances.

You are powerless against the pandemic. You are powerless against the economic fallout. You are powerless against injustice and unrest. You are powerless as a slave to the external environment.

You want to break free. You want to take back control of your sanity. You want to break the shackles to happiness and a meaningful purpose in life. You want the peace and calm that shines on the faces of devout Christians.

We can learn from the Book of Philemon on freedom from slavery.

The Book of Philemon is a touching story of a slave who regained his freedom through Christ at several levels. Paul first freed him from slavery to sins and then reunited him with his master as a brother in Christ instead of just a mere slave. …


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