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You work hard. You take your health seriously with diet, exercise, and supplements. You want to live a long and healthy life.


There is this nagging fear about the unknown, like

  • whether your body can weather deadly viruses like the coronavirus if you are infected
  • whether you’ll end up living a long life laden with illnesses and shackled to a hospital bed
  • whether you’ll need expensive medical care and precautions that will drain you financially, mentally, and spiritually with a longer life

You envy the gracefully aging folks like how a 95-year-old woman was fit enough to do splits as reported in the Los Angeles Times; or the 120-year-old healthy Varanasi monk that was reported in the Hindustan Times. …

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You lament your slavery to circumstances.

You are powerless against the pandemic. You are powerless against the economic fallout. You are powerless against injustice and unrest. You are powerless as a slave to the external environment.

You want to break free. You want to take back control of your sanity. You want to break the shackles to happiness and a meaningful purpose in life. You want the peace and calm that shines on the faces of devout Christians.

We can learn from the Book of Philemon on freedom from slavery.

The Book of Philemon is a touching story of a slave who regained his freedom through Christ at several levels. Paul first freed him from slavery to sins and then reunited him with his master as a brother in Christ instead of just a mere slave. …

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You have been isolated from the lockdowns. You are prevented from meeting your friends and associates. You are confused with new rules and regulations about public health infringing on your personal freedom.

Your life has been messed up with the restrictions due to the pandemic. You are confused. You are angry. You are going crazy.

You are not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives across the globe. Many people are feeling the same way you are feeling. They are asking the same questions you are asking.

I have lived through several epidemics in a small country that has to be kept connected to the world as a Hub for its survival. …


Phillip Tan

Write content that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to excel, health-conscious people to stay healthy & fit, in a God-centered way.

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